PRWeek League Tables

Please read the following very carefully before you begin.

Don't panic at the size of this form. Not all parts of this questionnaire will be relevant to your organisation. As with last year, all entries will be checked by the PRCA and Kingston Smith W1 to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The form will be used to compile:

– UK and regional consultancy rankings
– The healthcare, consumer, public sector and technology league table rankings published in PRWeek (print and online).

Please complete this form online. As soon as your entry is complete you will be sent an automatic email with your completed league table submission data. This must be presented to your company's auditors or accountants and chief executive or finance director so they can download, complete and sign the auditors' certification (Section 10 of the form) and return to:

PRWeek, League Tables, Haymarket Media Group,
Teddington Studios,
Broom Road,
Teddington TW11 9BE

Before you begin to complete your entry we strongly recommend you download a PDF of the form by clicking here, to assist you in gathering all the information you require (please note, not all questions are compulsory – those that are will be clearly marked on the online form).

We cannot accept paper copies of the league table submission form. It must be completed online. Failure to do so will prevent your company from being featured in the final league table.

Before you submit your entry you must check all the information you have given is 100 per cent correct. PRWeek cannot correct, amend or change league table submissions. We also cannot accept responsibility for errors in the final published league tables based on incorrect data entry. Therefore it is essential you are certain the information you are submitting is correct. Please ensure that all sections of the form relevant to you are returned in order.

The sector tables (such as consumer, technology, public sector and regional) are compiled using the information you provide in section 7. If you do not complete this section, you will not be considered for these tables.

If you have any queries about the questionnaire, email:

Due to the high volume of feedback we receive during the league table process please do not telephone with queries about the process. All emails will be responded to in due course.

Entries must reach us by Friday March 20.